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By Tim Harding

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35 d6 If 35 †g3 …e3 36 †xc7 †h4‰. …e3 36 dxc7 …xh3 (36... †f4! still looks strong. I think Becker did not want to play this because he had foreseen his flashy 36th move! 36 Èd5 (D) 50 64 Great Chess Games XIIIIIIIIY 9-+-+r+k+0 9zp-+-+-+p0 B9-zp-zp-+p+0 9+-+N+pwq-0 9-+-+-+n+0 9+P+-+-+Q0 9P+-+-+P+0 9+L+R+-mK-0 xiiiiiiiiy Black has three pawns for the ƒ, but they are immobile and do not constitute a fighting force equivalent in value to a minor piece. White possibly thought he had refuted the sacrifice, but his † and ƒ are still poorly placed and he had overlooked the point of Becker’s combination.

However, in this game Redeleit is content to let the game transpose into ordinary channels. 0-0) was suggested by Becker & Grünfeld in 1922, but Black is reluctant to open the h-file if he is going to castle. e5 for the time being. †b6, then this position is quite likely to arise irrespective of minor move order differences. †e7?! Although often played, I think this is the wrong place for the †, as we shall see from the sequel. It is hard to believe that this position can be bad for Black, but having played both sides of it in recent years, I can testify that it is not as simple as it looks.

After more complications, Rotlewi eventually won. Becker-Redeleit It looks to me as if Viennese players had worked out an effective system for beating weaker players with this opening. Becker may have thought up the game continuation himself or he could have got it from Schlechter or from Grünfeld. †g7 15 e4! (D) So simple! Instead of the risky hpawn thrust, White just plays in the centre and exploits Black’s backward queenside development. dxe4 16 ƒxe4 Èdxe5 17 Èxe5 …xf1+ 18 †xf1 Èxe5 19 ƒxe5 †xe5 20 …d1!

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