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By A.B. Emary

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Written by means of Arthur Ogus at the foundation of notes from Pierre Berthelot's seminar on crystalline cohomology at Princeton collage within the spring of 1974, this booklet constitutes an off-the-cuff creation to an important department of algebraic geometry. particularly, it presents the elemental instruments utilized in the examine of crystalline cohomology of algebraic forms in optimistic attribute.

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4. Draw the plan and elevation (2' - z in the elevation is equal to 2 - 3 in the plan). T. T. of the plane. Proceed as you did in figure 159. The angle required is that seen in the development 1" 2" - 3". The second pipe bending problem is shown in figure 163. The corner round which the pipe travels forms a 120° angle and the pipe is inclined at 45° on both faces of the wall. The geometry involved is similar to that of the previous example. xT T development_----I_ of pipe bend angle Figure 163 Figure 162 51 19.

And similarly draw c' - c and the other lines across the width parallel to c' - c. 3. Lines from points on a - b should be drawn across to meet lines brought down from a - c to give points on the required moulding. CO 6 Figure 139 5 ARCHITRAVES AROUND A DOORWAY Figure 140 shows how the shapes of two architraves around a doorway, unequal in width can be decided. givlZn mitre Figure 138 Proportional reduction Figure 139 shows how a moulding can be reduced proportionately. Let 0 - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 be the given moulding and 0' - 6' be the depth of the required moulding.

Project x" upwards to intersect with the horizontal line brought out from x' in the elevation. x - x" in the elevation is the true inclination of moulding B. c -fFigure 745 B open mitre in plan x"- - - - - - H+t7'f)-'-'------ji---J A 17. INCLINED AND OBLIQUE SURFACES Figures 146 and 147 show the difference between inclined and oblique planes. T. T. their horizontal traces. b inclined plane \ X , a d l plan a Figure 146 b plan 0 Figure 748 b b" b Figure 147 INCLINED PLANES X Figure 148 is the plan and elevation of a rectangular inclined plane a - b - c - d.

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