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By Arek Hersh MBE

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How do you live on whilst you’re eleven years outdated and all of your kin were taken from you and killed? How do you still stay, whilst every thing round you is designed to make sure sure loss of life? Arek Hersh tells his tale easily and in truth, a relocating account of a bit boy who made his personal success and survived. he is taking us into the tragic international imposed on him that robbed him of his formative years. The intensity of the tragedy, power of braveness and gear of survival will circulate you and encourage you. opposite to assertions that the Holocaust years have been a trifling ‘detail of history’, Arek Hersh provides us a glimpse into the best disaster that guy has ever inflicted on his fellow guy.

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All the everyday crockery and cutlery was stacked in the cellar, and we would replace it with the special set reserved only for Pesach. The pans would be scalded out with hot stones and water, and any chumetz found would be burned in the back yard. The story of Pesach is re-enacted every year, and tells of the Israelites being freed from bondage in Egypt. On the first and second evening of Pesach, the whole family would sit round the table while the man of the house recited the seder - service - then we would all read the Hagada, which is an illustrated book describing the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt, their wanderings through the desert for forty years, and finally Moses receiving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai.

On the sides of the roads, I could see crosses with German helmets on them, hundreds upon hundreds. Not a single Polish one did I see throughout the journey from Lodz, and I presumed from this that as far as the Germans were concerned, it didn’t matter where the Poles were buried.

One slip would have meant instant death, but in those days this type of danger did not occur to us. However, life was not all play. I had to do my share of errands as well. One errand I particularly disliked was having to fetch the milk from a farm in a village about three kilometres away. This farm was owned by a man named Janek, who had previously worked for my father as a bootmaker, but who had inherited the cattle and poultry farm when his father had died. I used to have to wait until the cows were brought in from the fields and milked before the farmer could fill the metal urn I had brought with me.

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